Clean Skincare Product Roundup Review

vanity planet skins brush, green tidings reship oil, green tidings calendula face lotion, indie lee rosehip face wash

Just google “natural face wash”, “natural skincare” “Natural____” and the results are overwhelming.


Where do you start? What actually works? What products have legitimately clean ingredients in them?


Feeling a little overwhelmed? Been there. I feel ya.


Fortunately, having used (or tried to use) clean personal care products for several years now, we have had a chance to experiment a bit. My hope is to test out several clean products each season so that I can make some good recommendations for you.


This past spring, I had the chance to try several new products. Here you will find our roundup of the best.


All opinions are my own. A few of these products I received for free. Some of them I bought with my own dollars. Remember, my Mama didn’t tolerate lying so ALL of this is my for reals opinion.


Also, I have rather acne prone skin. I need some anti-aging stuff, and my skin can be a bit sensitive. So, keep all of this in mind when considering what might work best for your skin.


Green Tidings Calendula Face Lotion:

Pros: This product has been the big surprise of this testing period. I originally got this to use as a moisturizer (a purpose that it has served well). However, I occasionally deal with a little bit of eczema. Most of the eczema I deal with at this point in my health journey is either because my skin is being extra sensitive and crabby (usually due to diet), I’m detoxing too quickly, or because I have used essential oils a little too liberally directly on my skin. A few of the products that I tested this spring (none of the ones listed here) caused me to have a little bit of eczema breakout in the corners of my mouth. Fun huh? While I was able to treat most of it with my old reliable methods, I did have to resort to my prescription steroid cream a few times.  However, on a whim, I decided to try this calendula cream on eczema spots, AND IT WORKED BETTER THAN THE STEROID CREAM! Yep, you read that right. This helped an eczema breakout on my face better than steroid cream. Keep in mind, the second I start having issues with eczema, I immediately put myself in “food jail” and stop eating any and everything that my body can be sensitive to.


Con: This can be a bit heavy for my skin in the summer heat, but not too bad. I still used it soooo….

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Indie Lee Rosehip Facial Wash:

Pro: I love this face wash. I have used, and loved, another clean facewash for several years, so I was hesitant to try anything new. I considered buying Indie Lee’s Brightening face wash because it doubles as a mask, but after trying sample sizes of both, I liked the way this one left my skin better.

Con: I do not use a full pump, as I feel that it is too much and I don’t need it. If I have a legit breakout, I switch back to my old face wash for a day instead of this.

Purchase from Indie Lee or Alliea


Green Tidings Rosehip Oil:

Pro: I have used this mixed 50:50 with their Jojoba oil as a night time moisturizer for well over a month now, and I LOVE the way my skin is looking. I honestly got the idea to combine Rosehip and Jojoba from Sarah at who also has acne prone skin. I still struggle mentally with the idea of putting oil on my skin after all my teenage zit filled years of thinking that a combination of “oil free” products and harsh chemicals was the only way to control acne. There have been nights where I saw a zit coming on and decided to use my oil combination anyway, and by morning, the zit was nowhere to be found.


Cons: It’s a little too heavy for my skin in the daytime. If I use it in the morning, my skin feels a bit too oily. Also, I need to pin my ever lovin bangs out of my face while I sleep to keep them from absorbing the oil.


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Green Tidings Jojoba Oil:

Pros: In addition to using this as my nighttime moisturizer, I have used it right after shaving. As I said before in my review of Green Tidings deodorant, if you don’t follow directions and put deo on freshly shaved skin, it can burn a bit. If I really don’t have time to wait between shaving and running out the door, I can use a bit of Green Tiding Jojoba oil in my pits, slap some deodorant on, and run out the door with no burning or rash. It also moisturizes my legs nicely after shaving.

Cons: Same as the rosehip oil

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Vanity Planet Skinspa Brush:

Pro: Out of all the changes I have made to my skincare regimen lately, this is probably my favorite. I only use the silicone head as it is the gentlest. I have seen a noticeable improvement in the overall appearance of my skin since using this. My pores are smaller and my skin slightly plumper and more glowy.

Cons: I tried the other two heads once each and they irritated the dickens out of my skin. I use this twice a day. I was secretly hoping that this brush would single-handedly eliminate all blackheads and shrink my pores. It has not. I do, however, see noticeable improvement in both of those areas.

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Just so you know that I'm telling the truth, here is a picture from last night. Nate took it with our sweet camera, but I have done ZERO editing to my skin in post-processing. Zero. AND I am not wearing any foundation, powder, or concealer. None. Only eye makeup and lip gloss. 

No foundation clear skin clean beauty products


Have you tried any natural products that you just love? What are your favorites?


If you are interested in purchasing any of these products, let me know and I’ll forward any discount codes I have your way.