How to Avoid Discouragement When You Have a Crappy Day

Avoid Discouragement When You Have A crappy day. Tips on changing your attitude for the better when things don't go your way. How to get a better attitude is something that we all need to know. Check out these tips to learn how.jpg

The other day I was having kind of a rough morning. The kid woke me up in the night for no apparent reason, so I was running low on sleep (which if you know me, you know makes a BIG difference).


Because of that my whole morning routine was messed up. I decided to sleep in and missed my morning workout, didn’t have solid quiet time before the kiddo got up for real, several of my daily goals we already shot and overall I just felt really “blah”.


The day before we had gotten a “no” about some business ideas that we had been praying about. Which is fine, because obviously, God knows better and sees further than we do, but it was still kind of, I donno, deflating? In the natural, this “no” didn’t make complete sense to us with some of our bigger goals for the year. So on top of being tired, I felt very stalled out on our goals, kinda stuck, and like I had really stunk it up at my goal chasing for the day. 


I texted Nate asking for extra prayer. We texted back and forth for a bit while I explained what I was struggling with. When he responded with this:


Give yourself some grace.

You’re tired.

You don’t have to be a Rockstar every day.

How to avoid discouragement when you've had a crappy day. Graphic inspirational quote reminding you to give yourself grace. You don't have to be a rockstar everyday


Boom… That’s exactly what I needed to hear. 


Perfectionism can so easily sneak in there and make us feel like failures when we have a less than stellar month/week/day/morning, heck, even hours. Sometimes I think it’s especially bad for extra driven types who like to be very purposeful and intentional in how we spend our time and resources. 


As I was praying that morning, the Holy Spirit reminded me of several truths that encouraged me immensely. 


Allow me to share: 


Productivity is not the goal. Jesus is.

Perfection is not the goal, Jesus is.

You are perfectly loved even if you never achieve a single goal.

How to avoid discouragement when you have a crappy day.. Graphic inspirational quote reminding  you that perfection is not the goal, Jesus is. Productivity is not the goal, Jesus is.


I do believe that God wants us to have and pursue goals. I DO believe that He holds success in store for the upright. (Proverbs 2:7)


I also believe that we miss the mark when we accidently pursue goals FOR a place of acceptance rather than FROM a place of acceptance.


The truth of the matter is this:


We are accepted and beloved. God has a glorious destiny written just for you and I that He longs to lead us in. It wouldn’t be much of a faith adventure if we had all the pieces and all the answers right at the beginning now would it?

It might take more time than you are expecting. The road might not look quite like what you imagined, but keep on keeping on. God rewards diligence.

You may have a rough day/month/week/season but DON’T QUIT! I read the end of the book, as long as we don’t quit, we win!