How to Get Over a Stomach Bug Quick

Photo by  Dapo Oni  on  Unsplash

Photo by Dapo Oni on Unsplash

So not too long ago the stomach bug hit our house HARD. Both the little and Nate were puking their guts out (though thankfully not on the same days). Really and truly, this rarely happens. I can count on one hand the times that Nate has been sick since we have been married. We work very hard to take fortify our immune systems and it shows. But this dang bug slipped by. 


I was SO incredibly thankful that we were well stocked on all of our favorite (and proven) natural wellness tools. 


Again, we are not doctors and we are not trying to pretend to be ones on the internet. These are the things that have worked for us time and time again, and these are the same things that we recommend to our family and friends. 

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Here are our Top 7 Tips to Get Over a Stomach Bug Quick

1.  Young Living Essential Oils

I cannot tell you how much these amazing oils have improved out overall health. We have been using them for 5+ years now and I am still constantly impressed. Oils are extra helpful when dealing with the stomach bug, because you don’t have to keep them down. You can rub them on externally and they will be absorbed into your body-which is extra handy if you are puking your guts out. 

These are the oils that we use the most when dealing with a stomach bug.






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Please also know that I cannot recommend ANY other brand of essential oils. They are NOT all created equal. PLEASE do NOT go to your local Walmart or even Whole Foods and buy another brand and expect them to work like Young Living Oils do for us. 

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2.  Probiotics

When we have a stomach bug, we work extra hard to put enough good bacteria in our gut. In general, our approach is to build up the good so that it has a chance to kill off the bad, rather than just killing off everything. While Nate wasn’t exactly able to keep probiotics down while he was puking his guts out, as soon as he could, he took probiotics. I took extra probiotics to help KEEP me from catching the bug. This is our favorite brand (bonus, its really affordable)


3.  Activated Charcoal

No, not the stuff leftover from your campfire. Activated charcoal is a powerful yet gentle detoxing agent. Activated charcoal is extremely porous and traps toxins and gently sweeps them out of your body. It is important to take activated charcoal away from food and other supplements to prevent the charcoal from just absorbing the food and vitamins that your body actually does need. Purchase Here.


4.  Magnesium

We take Natural Calm Magnesium daily, but I have found that when our muscles have been extra stressed, it helps them to relax and recover better. 

5.  Colloidal Silver

The very simplified version of how colloidal silver works is that it helps to break down bacterial and viral infections in the body. This article by Dr. Axe does a great job of explaining colloidal silver and its many benefits. My body has responded well to colloidal silver supplements and gels for a variety of issues, so we always keep some of this on hand

6.  Organic Tea

 Peppermint tea and Chamomile Tea are both excellent for soothing your digestive system. Chamomile tea is also good for relaxing an overall stressed body.  In college, my roommate and I would jokingly “drown our sorrows in tea” whenever we were feeling under the weather. And we helped more than one pal get to feeling better with lots of tea.

Important to note, that buying loose leaf organic tea is the best way to ensure that you are getting high quality, pure tea. Many teas that you find in the grocery store are packaged in questionable material with many “added flavors” that are neither necessary nor beneficial to utilize the healing properties of herbal teas. 


7.  Electrolyte Water

I know, your Mama probably gave you Gatorade or Pedialyte growing up. Mine did too. But the truth is, all those added artificial sugars will actually feed the virus or the bad bacteria that is making your sick in the first place. Yes, you probably need the electrolytes, but grabbing some water with added electrolytes is much more helpful.


But we don’t JUST take supplements.

We try to get extra rest and listen to /watch encouraging, faith filled teaching on healing.

We pray, and then we speak life giving, faith filled words over ourselves.

God wants you and I to live in health and wholeness. It’s hard to complete our God given assignments if we are sick all the time!