My Honest Review of Annmarie Skin Care Masks

My honest review of Annmarie skin care masks

It’s no secret that “masking” is all the rage in the beauty industry. There are a BILLION options out there. While some boast amazing results and show some pretty stunning before and after photos, many of these “super masks” have some pretty questionable ingredients.

I am a firm believer that what you do daily is much more important to the long-term health of your skin than what you do occasionally. However, I do also believe that the “extra” things you add into your skin care regimen can also be highly beneficial IF you choose the right products.

A while back, I was given the opportunity to try several Annmarie Skin Care products (see my first review here).

I have since had the opportunity to try all three of the masks that they offer for a few months now, and I feel like I can give a thorough and honest review.

For reference, I have pretty sensitive, acne-prone skin that could use some anti-aging help.

*Affiliate disclosure: If you decide to make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. All opinions are my own.

Purifying Mud Mask

I’ll be honest, the first couple of times I used this I was not overly impressed. However, as I kept using it I kept seeing better and better results. The more I used it the better I liked it. My favorite thing about this mask is that while it IS purifying and you can SEE it working where your face needs it the most, didn’t cause breakouts in the purifying process. It is more effective if you follow the instructions and use after opening up your pores with a hot shower or warm rag.

Add that to the fact that it literally only has 3 ingredients, all of which are stellar.

I really think that their combo of Moroccan Rhassoul clay, rose clay, and chlorella alga is brilliant because it helps to detoxify the skin while adding nutrients back in, so it leaves your skin feeling decongested AND healthy, not just stripped and bare.

Highly recommend for someone with congested skin or acne prone skin.

Coconut Honey Mask

I honestly expected to hate this. Coconut oil and I do not generally get along when it comes to my skin care routine. I know tons of people who rave about coconut oil for a moisturizer, but for me, it just sits on the top of my skin and makes me feel like a greased pig. So, typically I just avoid external products that have coconut oil as the main ingredient. HOWEVER, that is NOT the case with this product. I LOVED this. I try to use it at least once/ week and leave it on for at least an hour. The instructions say to leave on for at least 15 min, but I like to be an overachiever.

My FAVORITE way to use this mask is to wash my face with Young Living Orange Blossom Face Wash, use the Purifying Mud Mask, and then use the Coconut Honey Mask. The combination of these products left my skin feeling SO good. I went without a toner or moisturizer a few times after washing it off and my skin never felt too dry or too oily.

Highly recommend for someone with sensitive skin, dry skin, or even acne prone skin

Illuminating Pearl Mask

I’ve gotta be honest. I didn’t really love this mask. I actually had super high hopes for it, because I’m all about that illuminated and glowy look.

The mask WAS super gentle and definitely did not cause any breakouts or irritation. Something that I truly appreciate with ALL of Annmarie Skin Care’s products that I have tried. I tried using the mask for a range of different amounts of time- including overnight. And I have to say that I think the 15minute mark was probably my favorite.

I think maybe it would be more effective for someone who had a bit more mature skin than me.

Overall, if you are looking to step up your skin care regimen, I think these masks are a great place to start.

They are at a good price point and you get a TON of applications.