Natural Shampoos That Actually Work

Part of living passionately is being and staying healthy. You cannot fulfill your God authored destiny if you are sick all the time.

It’s hard to live passionately when you don’t feel your best. 

Photo by  Noah Silliman  on  Unsplash

Photo by Noah Silliman on Unsplash

In our pursuit to get healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle, we have found that what you put ON your body is as important as what you put IN your body.

By now you may have heard that lots of the mainstream personal care products on the market contain horrible ingredients. In fact, many studies have shown that lots of conventional hair care products contain cancer-causing ingredients.

A few years ago, I desperately and immediately had to switch over my personal care and hair care products to natural replacements. Unfortunately, I had several, and I do mean several, bad experiences with hair care products. Many of them left my hair looking like I just won a marathon where they threw bacon grease on the champion.

So many shampoos just didn’t do a good job of getting my hair CLEAN. To put it quite frankly, they sucked. (Sorry Grandma. I couldn’t think of a better word)

Now, all you precious people who can do the “no poo” method, bless you. And all you lovelies that don’t sweat on your scalp much, well bless you and your stay-clean-for-a-week hair.

I sweat like a pig on a hot July day when I work-out, and resemble a homeless person if I do not shower and wash my hair immediately.

So, in an effort to spare your hair the frustrations I went through, here are my top five favorites for more natural shampoos

Giovanni products are free of Sodium Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Phthalates, and Parabens

Acure products are Sulfate Free and Paraben Free.  Their motto “it's not enough to be natural. It also has to work” speaks volumes. I was oh so happy to discover their shampoos and conditioners.

natural shampoos that actually work

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1.   Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Threat Invigorating Shampoo

I actually discovered this shampoo and brand on accident. My non-lable-reading mother grabbed it at the health food store and lucked out. It makes my hair feel REALLY clean. I would classify it as a “clarifying” shampoo.

2.   Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deep Moisture Shampoo

My hair does best if I switch stuff up often. I usually have a few shampoos that I use depending on how my hair feels that day. This shampoo makes my hair feel really soft and well moisturized. I’m sure I will use it even more this winter when Oklahoma is a frozen tundra (ok, so I exaggerate slightly, but I really do detest the cold).

3.   Acure Hydrating Shampoo

I love this stuff. It really was a hair saver. Prior to discovering this, my hair rarely felt clean. As I do have very thick hair, I have to part my hair in a few different places, especially around the back of my head, to make sure this shampoo gets all the way on the scalp.

4.   Acure Clarifying Shampoo

I alternated between this and the other two acure products on the list for months. I love how reasonably priced their products are too. If I went too long between washes and turned into a grease ball, this shampoo usually did a pretty darn good job of getting my hair clean. Occasionally I would use a good baking soda and water mix before shampooing to get my scalp extra clean.

5.   Acure Volume Shampoo

Now I’m not gonna tell you that this will automatically give Texas size volume to your famously flat locks, but it does give your roots an extra little boost. I would like to combine this with Acure’s volumizing conditioner and styling products to see how it works.


Remember, getting healthy on any front, doesn’t happen overnight. Give your hair and body a little bit of time to adjust before throwing in the towel.


What about you? Do you have any natural shampoos that you suggest?

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