An Open Letter to My Single Friends

An Open Letter to My Single Friends

Dear singles,

Never have we been in a more confusing time for singles. Online dating? No dating? “Just talking”? The average age for marriage is on the rise , less people are even getting married, and now people believe they can choose their own gender. It’s a MESS and honestly, I believe that doing singleness right is probably harder than ever. 

Top it off with this unspoken attitude in much of the global church that marriage is the be all end all goal next to Jesus. Nobody comes right out and says it, but it’s there. Please hear me correctly here. I actually DO believe that it is God’s will for 99.9% of people to get married and have an amazing, God centered marriage. “two are better than one” (Eccl 4:9)  "It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.(Gen 2:18) “be fruitful and multiply, (Gen 9:7)

These and lots of other scriptures indicate that marriage is God’s idea and part of God’s plan for your life. But marriage cannot be the primary goal of your existence if you are to truly honor God with your life. 



That being said, here are 5 things to help make singleness and marriage better.

(P.S. there are some nuggets in here for my married pals too) 

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