How to Lead Without Being Bossy Part 2

How to Lead Without Being Bossy Part 2
“He who thinks he leads, and has no one following, is really only taking a walk.”
– (adapted from a John Maxwell quote)


This is truly one of my favorite leadership quotes ever. As someone who can tend to get pretty bossy easily, I often have to double check myself to see if anyone is actually following my leadership or if I am just out on a walk by my lonesome.

Just because you or I have been appointed to lead or boss people around does NOT mean that they will want to follow us.

So here are some tips about leading and influencing people. I firmly believe that as a Christian we are all called to lead others to Christ in some capacity. And if you haven’t yet read part one of this, go check it out. It will help all of this make more sense and benefit you more.  

1.   Your heart should ultimately be to serve.

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