Natural Shampoos That Actually Work

Natural Shampoos That Actually Work

A few years ago, I desperately and immediately had to switch over my personal care and hair care products to natural replacements. Unfortunately, I had several, and I do mean several, bad experiences with hair care products. Many of them left my hair looking like I just won a marathon where they threw bacon grease on the champion.

So many shampoos just didn’t do a good job of getting my hair CLEAN. To put it quite frankly, they sucked. (Sorry Grandma. I couldn’t think of a better word)

Now, all you precious people who can do the “no poo” method, bless you. And all you lovelies that don’t sweat on your scalp much, well bless you and your stay-clean-for-a-week hair.

I sweat like a pig on a hot July day when I work-out, and resemble a homeless person if I do not shower and wash my hair immediately.

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