Does a Passionate Faith Matter

Does a Passionate Faith Matter

You show up. You do the work. Heck, you even see some decent results. You are, most definitely, an obedient Christian. But deep down, if you’re honest, you don’t really enjoy it. There is no fire. Sure, there are some nice people and Jesus was obviously kind and generous and you are thankful for His sacrifice. But you know that your eyes never light up when you talk about Him like they do when you talk about your new Harley. 


But you are committed. Isn’t it results that matter anyway? Does passion actually matter? Plenty of people get by, make a living, and have good lives without necessarily being passionate, right? It’s not the dreams that matter, it’s what we actually DO that counts, right?


Then you see some people who seem to just come alive when they talk about Jesus. They are on FIRE! And you feel like you know them well enough to suspect that it is MORE than just a manufactured façade for social media. There is just something about their faith. They seem so DEEPLY passionate about the Lord. 


Is it just something a few people are lucky enough to have? Does this passion actually make a difference? Is there some way you can get this passionate without moving to Africa?

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