Should You Volunteer In Church?

Should You Volunteer In Church?

We smile and wave and shake a few hands on our way to OUR seats for the Sunday morning service. Maybe we have a cup of coffee with us. Maybe we don’t. But we sit in our seat, stand when asked to. We praise and worship as part of the congregation and then listen as the pastor delivers a well thought out and meaningful message. Then we say goodbye on our way out of the door. Go grab lunch and don’t think about church until it’s about time to go to the next service. 


Sound familiar? 

For years this was me. 


Oh, I read my Bible regularly (usually daily). I listened to preaching throughout the week, but I didn’t actively SERVE in my church. I had really “good reasons” like being gone lots of weekends for rodeos, I served in other organizations, etc. 


But something shifted in me and my faith when I began to serve in my local church on a regular basis. 

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