How To Handle A Crisis in a Healthy Way

How To Handle A Crisis in a Healthy Way

This last year has been hard. Good, but hard. More than once I’ve looked at Nate and asked “are we done with war yet? Is it time for Disneyland yet?” (our analogy for easy peasy times).


As much as I wanted to ignore it, the Holy Spirit told me that a time of warfare was coming and to prepare. Thankfully I listened, mostly. Not quite as well as I wish I had though. 


Among the hard things we’ve gone through this year either ourselves or with our friends, was nearly 2 weeks total in the hospital with our baby girl.


I’ll not bore you with medical details, but know this, she is totally healed!

There are no ongoing issues or permanent damage. Praise God! 


The first hospital stay was NOT planned. The second was. And while I will be the first to say that hospitals are NOT my favorite place in the world, I will tell you that I am thankful for them.

And just like any other place, it IS possible to be a carrier of the presence and peace and joy of God while you are there. 

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