10 Things That Will Keep You From Reaching Your Goals

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If I could sit down and have a cup of coffee with all of you, chances are good that we might end up talking about your goals. It’s really one of my favorite things to learn about a person! (And not just because I’m nosey, lol!) I truly believe that we will be most fulfilled and effective in what WE are called to do in this life when we are actively pursuing our God given dreams and goals.In our love for goal setting and achieving, its something that we have read, watched, studied, and meditated on a LOT! 


Here are the top 10 things we’ve found (some of which we’ve learned the hard way) that will keep you from reaching your goals:

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1.    Not being specific or giving yourself a deadline

“Get in shape” or “read my Bible more” are NOT specific enough. You need something measurable like “workout for 30 minutes 3 days per week” to help stay motivated and track your progress

Proverbs 29:18a KJV “ Where there is no vision, the people perish”

The NIV says the people “cast off restraint” 


We need goals to help us live with discipline and purpose.

 For more great goal setting advice check out “Before You Make Resolutions This Year” and “How to Achieve Your Goals Every Single Time

2.    Not writing your goals down or looking at them frequently

Just the simple act of writing your goals out exponentially increases your chances of accomplishing them. Reviewing them regularly helps even more. We have found it really helpful to visually display our goals where we will see them often. Google “vision board” for some creative ideas here.


3.    Setting goals that are too big with too short of a timeline

In one of my favorite books on achieving goals, Finish, Jon Acuff suggests cutting your goal in half or giving yourself twice the time to complete it. It is honestly some of the BEST goal getting advice I have ever heard. So what if you “overachieve” and lose 7lbs instead of the 5 that you reduced your goal to? Now you’ll be even more motivated to keep up healthy habits!


4.    Setting goals that don’t actually matter to you

Reading through the Bible in a year is a stellar goal, but if it’s not one that actually matters to YOU and one that YOU feel that you’re supposed to do, you won’t be very motivated to complete it. 


5.    Perfectionism

Listen, not one of us is perfect. And that’s ok. It’s so easy to throw in the towel after screwing up your “new healthy lifestyle” with one bowl of ice cream. If you mess up, repent, ask for forgiveness if needed, and move on. As our friend Joe McGee says, “We are not the perfect people, we are the getting back up people”.

6.    Tackling too many changes all at once

While you may want to complete a Whole30, lose 20 pounds in two months, read 2 books per month, sleep 8 full hours per night, and declutter and organize your entire house, try not to tackle those changes all at once. We are creatures of habit and changing our habits takes continual effort and time. Tackle one major change at a time. Complete your whole 30 and then join a gym and hire a trainer the next month. Chipping away at goals a little at a time helps keep us from getting overwhelmed and discouraged.  


7.    Setting goals that are not realistic for the season you are in.

Stay at home mom with 6 kids that you are homeschooling? You probably don’t have the extra time it will take to train for a triathlon when you can barely squeeze in a 20min workout twice a week. Rather than just being frustrated for not achieving giant, out of season goals, set good goals for the season you are in.


8.    Setting goals that will take more work than you are really willing to put in.

I think archery elk hunting would be cool. But I also see how much stinking work that Nate puts into it. Quite simply, I would rather put those hours into barrel racing, so I haven’t set goals for archery hunting.


9.    Hanging around the wrong people.

Listen, if you have some God-sized goals, then your inner circle friends should be people that cheer you on, people who are also living with vision. We cannot achieve our glorious, God authored destiny if we are surrounded by people without vision. They don’t have to have the same dreams and goals as you do, but they should also be running hard after what God has for THEM. 

Photo by  Tim Foster  on  Unsplash  edits by Faith

Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash edits by Faith

10.      Not resourcing yourself

My Pastor once said that the average person only spends $10/year on personal development! WHATTTT???? That’s nuts! If you are serious about a big goal, then you need to put your money where your mouth is and buy some resources that will help you achieve it!



God has given you dreams for a reason!

They are important and worthy of the effort that it takes to pursue them.

The world desperately needs to see you loving Jesus and pursuing your God given passions.


Here are a few of my favorite goal achieving resources

*A few of these ARE affiliate links, so we will get a small commission if you make a purchase using these links. These are products we genuinely use and support regardless of whether we make any money from promotion or not.


Teri Savelle Foy-Without question one of my biggest motivators. She gives GREAT Biblically sound encouragement and lots of very practical tips

Jon Acuff

Cultivate What Matters: I used these Powersheets in 2018 and saw a HUGE improvement in how focused I stayed and how many goals I achieved throughout the year

Planner: The Simplified Planner and Day Designer are my favorites, but truly, any planner that you will actually use will help!