Why Does Health and Fitness Matter?

Why should Christians care about health and fitness? I mean, aren’t there a ton of more pressing issues such as missions work, reading the Bible, memorizing scripture, tending to orphans and widows, visiting those in hospitals and prison?


“There is REAL work to be done for the Kingdom, Faith. Why are you wasting your time researching and writing about health and fitness? Why do you bother eating healthy and exercising? Shouldn’t you be spending that extra money and time on the church?”


1.   Stewardship

He who is faithful with little can be trusted with much. If I want to be trusted with _______(whatever my BIG dream is) then I MUST learn to steward A.K.A. tend to, maintain, and MULTIPLY what I have.

But you see, I believe that stewardship applies not only to our money and talents, but to the care of our physical resources as well, not the least of which is our physical body.

Think about this, could you manage a multi-billion-dollar corporation the way that you are managing your life now? I couldn’t. I would need to improve SEVERAL skills in my life to do that. I would need to practice and grow in so many areas. So, let God grow you in those areas NOW. 

Photo by  Bryan Minear  on  Unsplash

Photo by Bryan Minear on Unsplash

2.   Preparation

“God is preparing YOU for the things that He has prepared FOR you.” –Christine Caine

The fact of the matter is, so often WE are not ready for the big dream thing we long to do. Dreams are good. Really, they are of the Lord. I want to grow to where I need to go.

I need to learn to say “no” to eating things that I shouldn’t now so that I have developed the discipline and strength of character to say “no” to cheating on my taxes when I make 5 million a year.

We would often like to think that the two are not related, but a hole in your character left unchecked will make its way to the surface.

David had an issue with lust long before he took a woman who was married to another man to his bed.

Ask God to reveal and heal the character flaws that are holding you back from what He has for you. Ask Him, and then follow His leading and sound wisdom from wise friends as you heal and grow.



3.   Honor

If I truly believe the scripture that tells me that my “body is the temple of the Lord,” then why would I want to treat it dishonorably? Now we’re not talking dressing like a hoochie-mama here (although this concept still applies there). I’m talking about filling my body, the temple of God, full of junk food, junk medicines, and covering it with junk products.

Even a skim read through the old testament will show you that God required impeccably detailed and precious care be given to His tabernacle and temple, (the place where His Spirit dwelt in the old covenant).

Why would we give any less exceptional care to His new covenant dwelling?


4. Fulfilling your purpose

It’s REALLY hard to be loving when you feel like poo.

It’s also really hard, and in some instances impossible, to work hard at what you’ve been called to do when you are sick. It’s also difficult to work hard or put in long hours when you are physically weak or out of shape. You NEED to be healthy and fit for your God given assignments. WE need you to be healthy and fit. Those you are called to reach need you to be healthy and fit. 

Photo by  Bryan Minear  on  Unsplash

Photo by Bryan Minear on Unsplash

Your God authored destiny is GOOD. Really, REALLY good. Fun and fulfilling and GOOD. God is a GOOD and LOVING Father who longs for you to fulfill his plans for your life, even more than you want to. We must choose to discover and walk out those GOOD plans. And if we are going to be and become and do all that God has for us, we HAVE to be healthy and fit.


Bringing our second best is not an option here.


Pray with me

“Father, I repent for not being a good steward of my body, for not caring for my body and my calling with faithfulness. Help me to have Your perspective on health and fitness. Help me to value what you value. Help me to be disciplined in my everyday life so that I can grow to where you want me to go. Father I thank you that your grace is sufficient for me and that your grace empowers me to live like Jesus. In the mighty name of Jesus,